Jon Traufler

Boiler Coordinator

"I couldn't survive without LMS Boiler service."

Jamie, Henderson International School

Paul Mehl

Boiler Team Leader

The LMS BOILER team specializes in boiler repair, services, system design, existing system analysis and turn-key installations. In an industry that is continually changing, we are committed to maintaining the highest level of mechanical standards. We accomplish this by working together with our clients, technicians and sales team to provide quality services that best meet your specific building needs and requirements.


Our Team

Zachary Foks

Boiler Technician

Mario Hernandez

Boiler Technician

"When John comes out and takes care of our boilers, he is very knowledgeable."

Jessie T., Charleston Pavilion

Our History

"LMS Boiler is the way to go.  They always do a good job and they are always there right away."  - Mike J, Dotty's Hoover Dam Lodge

"What I like best about the boiler service is that the technicians often give suggestions to improve efficiency and better operate the units for the environment they are in."  Daniel L., Hughes West

"You arrive on time, share information with me, you are cooperative and get along with our crew.  You repair problems correctly.  I'm very pleased."

Mark S., Tropicana


3036 S. Valley View Blvd., Las Vegas,  NV 89102              o:  702-876-7530

Jarrod Losh

Systems Specialist

John Dade

Boiler Technician

(702) 876-5255

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